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A Farm Built from Love for All Creatures

Our farm is dedicated to helping save all pollinators, even the seemingly undesirable ones. We also have a passion for rescuing animals!

Get to Know Us and Our Mission!

Ian and Rileigh have not always shared a passion for owning a farm and animals. It took months of convincing to even get Rileigh to adopt a dog, let alone donkeys, goats, and bees…oh my!
They moved to their home on 5 acres in 2019 to give their kids, dogs, and foster dogs more space to run and roam. They had plans to eventually homestead and become more self-sufficient, but no concrete plans. The plans started to become clearer during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Ian and Rileigh both have a deep passion for helping people in need. Rileigh noticed being with the animals and connecting to them has helped with PPD and anxiety in several ways, from encouraging her to get outside and spend time with the animals to wanting to start something to help others like her. From that, Yoga On The Farm was born.
Ian, as a person who has struggled with being houseless and impoverished, in addition to being a veteran, has seen the extreme need to help the houseless and impoverished people, especially veterans, in this state. He is working towards being able to build aquaponic run greenhouses to provide for as many houseless and impoverished people as possible. Ian also has a passion for pollinators, even the undesirable ones. His love for these pollinators (and puns) is how our farm got its name.
They hope to someday have Pollen Acres Farm registered as a 501(c)3 to achieve these goals for the long term.


About Ian and Rileigh

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